House of Sunny is more than ready-to-wear, it’s a crafted staple of the moment with a feeling that lasts. Designed for an easy everyday, each product is carefully crafted to become the perfect addition to elevate any wardrobe which can transition through the seasons.

Quality is always foremost in thought whilst ensuring affordability is never sacrificed to achieve this.  All our garments are protected in garment bags which are 100% biodegradable, these are plastic-free and made from 100% compostable bio-based films. That means it’ll disintegrate completely, leaving no toxic chemicals behind, just like organic waste. All our labels are made from recycled materials also. 



All our denim designs are made using e-flow technology. This uses 800 LT per 100 garments of water whereas traditional methods uses 8.000 LT. per 100 garments e-flow technology is the sustainable textile solution to transfer chemicals onto garments made of any fabric. 

Conventionally water is used as the carrier and at the end of every cycle that water, still brimming with chemical products, goes to waste.

E-flow technology can accomplish a considerable number of finishing effects with the highest quality, a minimal amount of water and zero discharge.


This is why e-flow technology is the only one certified as ecological by an independent laboratory.



We use Vegan leather to make our hand bags and outerwear. We acknowledge that the synthetic alternatives are not without concern, however our decision to avoid leather allows us to have a lower environmental impact than those that do use animal products.

We do not under any circumstances use leather, down, feathers, exotic skins, mohair, mulesing, wool or angora, making most products vegan.


We use recycled fabrics where possible, these included recycled cotton and polyester and tend to be shirts and trousers. This process uses discarded or unused/waste fabrics to create new ones.