The conscious shopper’s guide to Black Friday.

We have put together some tips on how to avoid the Black Friday frenzy and shop consciously.



1. Don't buy anything on black Friday unnecessarily.             

The best thing you can do is not shop for anything new but repair something that could be fit for purpose.


2. If you are going to shop, shop with intentions.                 

Set intentions and consider what you need. If you are building your wardrobe, think carefully about what you want to create or maintain. This can help avoid impulse buys and solely being attracted to an item because of a discount. 

3. Waste                     

When choosing a product to purchase, consider the life-span of this product and how long it will serve a purpose. If it doesn't have longevity, consider the materials used to make it and how long it could take to decompose.


4. Re-wearing            

Calculate the value per wear (or use) rather then the discounted price. This can help you understand how you can get the most for your money and the most use out of your purchase. The more you think you’ll wear it, the better the value you’re getting. You’ll be surprised items with a bigger price tag might turn out better value that cheaper garments with very little value per wear.

5. Purpose of purchase                     

It's generally good practice to consider the purpose of the purchase and what use it will bring you. It’s good to have a specific need behind everting we consume.

6. Your support                      

Consider the company and brand you want to support and shop with. Be mindful of large corporate groups that own serval corporations appearing as smaller outlets, these can be deceiving. Avoid companies that over produce, create product faster than they can sell.    


7. Long-time wish-list      

One of the most positives outcomes of a sale is that it gives consumers the opportunity to own something that has been on their long-term wish-list and may have been out of reach before. (Ideally) these items would have been considered and wanted for a long time.